SERVICE and PRODUCT

The product we wish to provide through our services is highly professional trained Anti-Poaching Rangers
with capabilities to operate within local and cross border reserves when assistance is required.

We would also strive to have our training approved by internationally recognized
wildlife organisations in order to train on an International basis.

We could render a service to individuals, communities and other reserves by training
selected candidates that can follow a career path as an Anti-Poaching Ranger and Nature Conservation.

Further to this, we can have well trained APU's deployed on reserves that do not have the means available,
thereby assisting in others to develop APU's and protects their own wildlife.


Courses generally will be kept at durations of 2 - 3 weeks in order for individuals to adequately learn
and absorb training methods required for deployment.
Thereafter they are deployed to gain further experience before attending further levels of training.

This also makes it possible for other reserves to send candidates for training
who are then not off their reserves for too long a period of time.

Courses will be set out at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
This allows candidates to look forward to attending future courses offering higher levels
of training and development.
This also allows for a fair basis of seniority to develop with higher levels of qualification being the criteria.

Various aspects of poaching can be trained including fauna and flora and elements of marine poaching.

Numerous other courses can be offered within the related fields i.e.
Firearm Competency, Rural Medical, 4x4 Off-Road Driving, Defensive Driving,
Field Guide and SWAT (Special Weapons & Tactics) courses.

Working Dog training can be offered for tracking and attack dogs for the protection
of Rhino and other wildlife and apprehension of poachers
and sniffer dogs for the recovery of weapons, Rhino horn and other items of illegal trade.