Poaching - The Problem

          as these crimes are all run by  crime syndicates linked with the end user syndicates. 

           In turn this impacts on poaching on Reserves or Parks in the nearby vicinity.

          Therefore local drug addicts and drug merchants are involved in various ways  in poaching operations.

          As Perlemoen numbers are depleting, poachers will find other means to feed their habits by alternative
          means of poaching.

          (Police, SAN Park Rangers etc.) and they too will target other Reserves for their greed.

          (especially if they are underpaid and disgruntled). They will always target the easy prey
          where there is little or no resistance to their attack.

          are not impenetrable, they will breach it next.

          as a knee jerk reaction at a time when they are in an emotional state. 

          or a previously employed trail guide with little or no effective knowledge related to the field
          required for Anti-Poaching operations.

          Additionally  numerous other skills not necessarily acquired in these services are necessary.

          It needs to be countered by effective Military Combat Tactics, i.e. patrols, observation posts
          ambush/counter ambush, tracking, communications, intelligence gathering,
          battle handling and weapons skills. For this you need a "Soldier".

          Generally soldiers are not trained in. Preliminary investigations, arrests, search and seizure,
          use of force, weapons skills, crime scene management, evidence handling and the numerous
          other legal requirements that need to be considered, including court proceedings. This is Police work.

          One runs the risk of facing criminal and civil liability for the individual APR and the reserve
          that he/she acts on behalf of. The existing statistics for successful convictions fall under 7% presently
          and have been under 5% in previous years.

          in the multifaceted field of Anti-Poaching Tactics.