firstly for the Western Cape.

          not being committed to saving anything and merely using anti poaching
          as as a fund raiser to feed their own greed and benefit.

          Anti-Poaching Rangers (APR's), not merely interested parties who are
          looking for some adventure until the novelty wears off.

          decent salary related to their expertise and experience. 
          This will ensure that they are in it for the long run.
          There must be a career path with scope for further training and development in other fields of conservation.

          in the world share our plight and also have the interest at heart to assist in the fight against poaching.
          We need their help and expertise in certain fields.

          acquiring training equipment and assist in funding the local training.

          of our conditions, legal system and operational requirements.
         They can be trained as well and be effective in contributing to the cause.
         Many of them have professional skills which can be utilised to the benefit of protecting our wildlife.


          nor is it necessarily their function. They are normally business persons but need to have adequate understanding
          of how Anti-Poaching Units should operate on their reserves, APU's requirements and functions. This will also
          ensure greater effectiveness and efficiency of APU's.

          to become self sustainable with funds generated.

          reserves whilst their staff obtain training and to return and work with the more experience "Reserve Force"
          to gain experience before taking over the reigns on their reserve. 

          staff members on the reserves.


           until we eradicate poaching within our country as best possible and then to spread it further into Africa
           with the final objective to drive poaching syndicates back to where they come from.

          of conservation on higher levels of formal education.

          can be pursued in the field of Anti-Poaching and Conservation which may bring realistic hope to
          so many youngsters and even adults.

          A series of education camps can be developed to get the children to understand the importance of caring
          for animals and the impact poaching has not only on the environment but in communities as well
          and how this is destroying our society.